Our production is divided into three principal areas:
-Material preparation area: with a sandblast-machine and different types of cutting machines;
-Machining area: with various machining center CNC, milling machines, turning machines, drilling machines and some other equipment.
-Welding area: with various welding machines (MAG technology) and one furnace for pre-heating and heat-treatments.
The company, together with her partners, has reached a over twenty-years-experience in the field of welding and mechanical constructions. The wish to develop growing competences and quality standards higher and higher drive us to financial investments and technical growth together with our customers and suppliers.
Delma Srl is appreciated for the capacity to support her partners during the project, development and production phases of their products both from techical and qualitative point of view..

Our main products are:
-welded steel-structures of small-medium dimensions on customer drawing.
-mechanical parts of small-medium dimensions machined on customer drawing.
Delma Srl - Lavorazione Macchine Utensili e Costruzioni Meccaniche - Base: via dell'industria, 29015 Castel San Giovanni (PC) Italy - P.IVA 01016160333 - Phone/Fax +39(0523)884385
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